Wizard Feature - Starting Spells

Starting Spells

As the quintessential spellcasters, wizards command a great deal of power in the magic world. They are masters of their craft, unmatched scholars of the arcane, and maybe some of the most haughty and proud spellcasters around. But why should they not be? Their knowledge of spells is unparalleled; a wizard's spellbook has no limits beyond the number of pages it contains. Likewise, a wizard's own knowledge knows no boundaries besides those they create for themselves.

One thing that sets wizards apart is the great degree of freedom they have in the spells they know. Their spell list is longer and more diverse than that of the cleric or druid, and they have no limit on the number of spells they can know like the bard or sorcerer. A wizard is, at heart, a scholar – adventuring is a learning experience, with each lesson leaving them more prepared for the next than ever before.

As a result of this, however, wizards suffer when beginning higher-level campaigns. A wizard is assumed to learn a few spells along the way of their travels, so a wizard starting a campaign at 10th level with only the two spells per level they get normally is at a severe disadvantage compared to a sorcerer. One of the wizard's strengths is the number of spells they can know, so denying them the ability to use that is a massive blow to their effectiveness. These rules seek to fix that imbalance.

Starter Spells Known

When running a high-level campaign where the characters begin at a level above 1st, it's useful to remember that the wizard class is balanced around finding additional spells on your adventures. Thus a wizard starting a camapign at a level above 1st with only the spells they learn normally through leveling up is at a severe disadvantage compared to all other spellcasting characters.

As such, it is useful to allow wizards in high-level campaigns to assume that their characters have learned a few extra spells in addition to those learned normally though leveling up.

If a given spell level is the highest your character possesses, reduce the number of bonus spells by half (rounded down).



Spell Level Extra Spells Known
1st 4
2nd 4
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th 2
7th 1

Wizard Feature - Starting Spells

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