Table Etiquette

Table Etiquette: 


  • Once combat has started, there is no out-of-character directions or suggestions given to other players. If a player does not understand something, I will explain.
  • No rolling against other players. No pickpocketing, no persuasion, no deception, no PvP fighting unless the table as a whole approves it.
  • Never roll checks "in anticipation". Please wait for me to ask for a check.
  • If your dice roll off the table, play it as it lies if at all possible.
  • Disagree with a ruling?

    • State your case and I'll reconsider it.
    • Gracefully accept the reconsidered ruling.
    • Still disagree? Table it until the session is over.
  • Secrets are in character. No real-life deception is permitted.
  • If you cannot make it to one of the regularly scheduled games, you must tell me the day prior. If you no-show twice, barring emergencies, you are off the table.
  • As a request: please no summon-focused builds.
  • Your character must want to adventure.
  • If you have a question, ask it as specifically as possibly. This helps me work better and faster.

    • i.e., "Is there a butcher nearby?" vs. "What shops are there?"

Table Etiquette

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