Sorcerous Origin - Incantatrix


You draw your power from an innate connection to the all-pervasive, invisible streams of magic which flow throughout the planes. Your connection is a gift bestowed seemingly at random throughout the generations, and feels like a sixth sense, a silent tugging to places of great power. By tapping into these magical reservoirs, you have learned to channel a surplus of arcane energy into your Metamagic, and can use this to extents normal spellcasters could never hope to achieve.

Metamagic Savant

When you choose this origin at 1st level, you gain 1 Metamagic option of your choice and 1 sorcery point.

Improved Metamagic

Starting at 1st level, your connection to the land’s ley lines grants you a boon to your magic. All known Metamagic costs 1 fewer sorcery points, to a minimum of 1.

Free Metamagic

​​​​​​​At 6th level, you learn to store the land’s magic in your own body, and may use any Metamagic you know without expending sorcery points. After using this ability, you cannot do so again until completing a short or long rest.

Connecting the Streams

At 14th level, you learn to connect others to the stream of magic. As a reaction you may apply any Metamagic you know to any spell cast within 30 feet. This Metamagic costs double the normal number of sorcery points.

Metamagic Mastery

By 18th level, you have perfected the use of Metamagic. You gain the ability to use any Metamagic that is not currently on your list of known Metamagics. Using one of these costs double the normal number of sorcery points, and is not reduced by Improved Metamagic.

Sorcerous Origin - Incantatrix

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