Roguish Archetype - Archaeologist

The Archaeologist

Scaling an impossibly sheer cliff face, a female high elf clad in a billowing shirt, bodice, and climbing harness maintains her hold on a rope anchored fast to a tree somewhere high above. Securing the line on her harness, she scans the jungle far below her, and spies the ruined spires of an ancient temple cresting through the treelike. Pulling out compass, quill, and parchment, she notes the temple's location on her expertly detailed map, before stowing her tools and continuing her climb.

Running his hand across ancient bricks of cyclopean stone, a bespectacled male tiefling examines the quality of the masonry, his fingers slowly tracing letters of an antediluvian language etched fadingly into the walls. As he studies these forgotten letters, a pattern appears, and he begins to discern the message carved into the stones. These ruins belonged to his infernal forefathers, he reads, and the secret to the genesis of his race lies somewhere deep below, buried within the age-old rubble.

Face-to~face with a lone orc, a male gnome in a fitted leather jacket maintains his composure, seamlessly drawing a knife and hurling it at the arc's head. The dagger lacerates the orc's brow, and thick, dark blood seeps down into its eyes. Screaming in impotent rage, the orc tries to wipe the blood away, as the gnome quickly escapes, managing to keep his self-satisfied giggling to a minimum.

Adventuring scholars, treasure-hunters, and thrill seekers, archaeologists explore the isolated reaches of the world lost to history and time. Such places are almost always dangerous, however, and many secrets held within these hidden locations are guarded by beings who would fight and die to keep them. An archaeologist must be prepared for traps, danger, and deadly combat when delving into the world's most perilous places, but this risk is often much of what makes their discoveries worthwhile.

An eccentric lot, most wandering archaeologists trend towards the chaotic side of the alignment spectrum, though lawful explorers looking to reclaim history are not unheard of. Both good and evil archaeologists can be found, depending on how they approach solving their challenges. Archaeologists often believe heavily in luck, intelligence, and skill, trusting to their tools as easily as trusting a roll of the dice.

Most archaeologists develop a unique look over time, often picking up an item of clothing or an accessory that they value above all else, considering it their trademark or lucky charm. Protecting this garment is second only to protecting their own hides for many explorers, and if lost this item can never be replaced easily.

If you desire such an article for your archaeologist, you may create one with help from your DM, or roll for one on the Prized Garment table. 

d8 Prized Garment
1 An old-fashioned hat, leather or high-quality felt.
2 A garish scarf, long enough to be seen properly.
3 A pair of dusty goggles, still keep the wind out.
4 A weathered leather jacket, emblazoned with a logo.
5 A simple black eye patch, functioning eye optional.
6 A foreign-style mask, a souvenir from your travels.
7 Antique silver spectacles, shining despite age.
8 A worn poncho, soft, with a distinctive pattern.

Field Training

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you are trained with a few basic implements and skills to improve your survival in the field. You gain proficiency with cartographer's tools, History, one additional language, and whips. If you already possess proficiency in History or with cartographer's tools, you may instead choose a skill from the rogue skill list, or a different set of artisan's tools, respectively.

In addition, you gain a climbing speed equal to your regular moving speed.

Intelligent Combat

Also at 3rd level, when you hit with an attack you may use a bonus action to cause the target to roll a Strength saving throw with a difficulty of 8 plus your Intelligence modifier and proficiency bonus. If the target fails, you may apply one of the following effects to the attack: 

  • The attack disarms a weapon or small, one-handed item that the target is holding, causing the object to drop to the ground up to 10 feet away from the target in a direction of your choosing.
  • If your target is not an undead, elemental, construct, ooze, or plant, the attack causes the target to become blinded until the start of its next turn.
  • If the target is sized Large or smaller, it falls prone.

You can only fool a creature so many times before it becomes wise to your tricks. If a creature succeeds on this saving throw and has an Intelligence of 8 or greater, it has advantage on all future saving throws imposed by this ability, until the creature takes a short or long rest.

Forgotten Magic

Starting at 9th level, you have learned a few trace secrets of ancient magic from your exploration of the world's mysteries. You learn the spells identify and comprehend languages. but you may only cast them as rituals unless you learn the spells from another source. These rituals require you to spend 10 minutes studying the object you wish to identify or a sample of the language in question, respectively, and once you cast either of these spells you require a short or long rest before you can use either of them again.

You also know the spells augury and find object, but (unless learned from another source) they may similarly only be cast as a 10 minute ritual, without expending a spell slot. You may cast either of these spells once before requiring a long rest to use either of them again.

Seasoned Explorer

Beginning at 13th level, you have an instinctive sense for finding secrets both valuable and deadly in ruins and dungeons. If you are in a ruin, dungeon, cave, or other ancient work of architecture, you have advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) and Wisdom (Perception) checks to find traps or hidden treasure. If you make an Intelligence (History) check on a specific location that is one of the types listed, or on an object from such a location, you also make that check with advantage.

In addition, you may add your Intelligence modifier to your initiative rolls.

Paragon of Adventure

At 17th level, your reputation and glory as an explorer are unrivaled, and your cunning in combat is unmatched. Targets of your Intelligent Combat can no longer gain advantage on the saving throw for any reason. Any time a creature fails its save against your Intelligent Combat, it takes an additional 2d4 damage of your weapon's type.

Roguish Archetype - Archaeologist

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