Location - Helvis

Known for its quarries, a source of high-quality stone for all of Balmanty.

Surrounded by quarries, located in a field of emerald green grass in a large valley ringed by mountains. The architecture is very Germanic/Dutch.

Up the main street from the Town Hall is a large clock tower, which chimes every hour or so due to warped gears – the townsfolk say it's possessed and also an asshole. It chimes 24 times per day, even if that means 5 times in quick succession at 11:59 PM. Nowadays, it's going a lot more regularly since the Boar's Head Heroing Company chased the pixies out of the mechanisms.

The people like to keep to themselves but are friendly enough nonetheless, but are very passive aggressive just by virtue of the clock has everybody irritated most times.


The town has not yet been touched by the Tritons, due to its inland location and natural defenses. The town is in the shadow of the mountain upon which King Solusevarrian of the Elder Elves had his palace, which has since been claimed as the new headquarters of the Boar's Head Heroing Company – to the delight of all those who are now being paid for its tremendous upkeep.

Location - Helvis

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