Bard Feature - Spell Sheets

Spell Sheets

Some bards can create magical sheet music in a similar fashion to the way clerics and wizards can create spell scrolls. This sheet music, however, serves more as a guide to the bard in how to cast certain spells as rituals without needing to expend a spell slot.

A bard can create a spell sheet out of any bard spell he or she knows that has the ritual tag. Creating this spell sheet takes three hours per level of the spell, and requires 100gp per level in specific parchments and inks. Crafting the scroll requires a bit of creativity on the bard's part, as they must imbue the magic in a song of their own creation that will allow them to better channel the arcane energies of the spell.

Creating a spell sheet requires a Performance check from the bard in order to create a suitable song. The DC of this check is equal to 15 + three times the level of the spell. On a failure, the materials and time are wasted, and the bard experiences writer's block which prevents them from trying again for at least a month and a day.

With a spell sheet, a bard may cast that spell as a ritual so long as they have the proper instrument to perform the song. The spell sheet may be used indefinitely, but if lost the bard must start from scratch. Another bard may attempt to use the spell sheet to cast the spell as a ritual, but only by making a successful Performance check with a DC equal to 18 + three times the level of the spell.

Bard Feature - Spell Sheets

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