Your home village, city, or kingdom was destroyed. Perhaps you lived in Balmanty until the recent joint attack from the Tritons and chromatic dragonborn upturned the nation. Perhaps a powerful monster such as a great dragon destroyed your home. Maybe it was raiding Orcs  from the Karkelbrak. In any event, you ran for your life then began a long march to the nearest safe area. You had nothing more than you could carry, and your arrival in a new region where people were probably not prepared for you was a long and difficult time.

Discuss the details of your escape with your DM.

Skill Proficiency: Survival and choose one from: Insight, Perception, Stealth

Tool Proficiency: choose one set of artisan's tools and choose one from: one Instrument, one Gaming set, Land vehicles, Water vehicles, or speak and read one language of your choice

Starting Equipment: one set of tools with which you are proficient, large sack, common clothes, pouch with 10gp

Feature: My People

You have a strong kinship with those who share your ethnicity. They know the current plight for those from your region, and will go to great lengths to assist you (DM discretion). Local clergy will also be supportive of you and other refugees, offering free temple services and the occasional meal and bed.

Suggested Class: Any

Any class can come from this background.


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