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  • House Rules

    • First Level Feat: Every character gets a single feat at first level.
    • Identifying Magic Items: Magical items will be identified this way, outside the identify spell.
  • Multi-Weapon Fighting

    I can attack with two 3lb. scimitars or 2lb. short swords. Neither of those were historically paired frequently.
    I cannot attack with two 2lb. rapiers. Rapiers have been known to be paired with a variety of equal or smaller blades! …

  • Healing Over Short Rests

    One of the very many that bothers me is the decision the player is presented with during a short rest of how many hit dice to recover as a result of the rest. It's arbitrary, with no real equivalent "in world." It’s …

  • Table Etiquette

    Table Etiquette: 


    • Once combat has started, there is no out-of-character directions or suggestions given to other players. If a player does not understand something, I will explain.