Tag: Magic Items


  • Magic Item - Once More Round the Sun

    Once More Round the Sun

    Weapon (gauntlets), legendary (requires attunement)

    These brilliant gauntlets bring with them the glory of our mighty star Melos. They were created by the Elder Elves long ago, via rituals long …

  • Magic Item - Bonds of Fraternity

    Bonds of Fraternity

    Wondrous item (pair of rings), legendary (requires attunement by two creatures who genuinely consider each other best friends closer)

    There is an unseen bond between close friends. It is said that if …

  • Magic Item - Arcanist's Spectacles

    Arcanist's Spectacles 

    Wondrous item, common

    With lenses of faceted sapphire, these gold-frames spectacles allow the wearer to see magic auras as though by the spell detect magic, so long as the source …

  • Magic Item - Book of Holding

    Book of Holding

    Wondrous item, uncommon

    A thick leather bound book titled "An In Depth Study of the Whole Shebang: Foreword by They". When another book is placed on top of this one, it will slowly sink into the …