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  • Location - Helvis

    Known for its quarries, a source of high-quality stone for all of Balmanty.

    Surrounded by quarries, located in a field of emerald green grass in a large valley ringed by mountains. The architecture is very Germanic/Dutch.

    Up the …

  • Location - the Monastery of the Abiding Water

    The abandoned, empty ruins of what was once the temple complex of a great religious order of monks, who blended arcane magic and faith to attain unparalleled discipline, knowledge, and acuity of prowess. They performed rituals to eliminate any form of …

  • Location - Temple of a Forgotten Thunder God

    • In a room dedicated to the Thunder-god there is a statue of the god, four doors behind and a platform for worship in front of the statue. A ticking, rythmic noise is heard (1 every round or 10 seconds). Every d12 rounds there is a sharper crack …