Leorin Dax

A drunkard and a healer, Dax lives his life constantly on his toes. That is, of course, unless he's absolutely plastered.


This gifted physician is a fifty-three-year-old 6’0" tan Kalashtar with black hair, a full beard, and slightly bio-luminescent spots running from his temples down his head, neck, back, and ribs. Dax was joined at birth with the consciousness of a symbiotic creature known as a Quor. The Quor inside of him allows Dax to more easily empathize with those around him by offering a second perspective on life. The two minds join together to create a single entity that works together to function as a single consciousness, each helping the other absorb, process, and use information.


Dax was the first in his family line to be joined with a Qour’s mind. At birth, a ritual was conducted to allow the infant’s mind to be opened and implanted with a second consciousness. This Quor symbiote helped Dax throughout his life. It allowed him to excel in the areas of natural philosophy in his schooling; he learned much about how the bodies of different races worked and how to help heal them if the need arose.

However, Dax’s home life was rough from an early age. His father was an alcoholic who rambled about his life and those he once shared a drink with. Dax remembers that his father would mumble about drinking with deities such as Hlal, Tymora, Melora, Pelor, Erathis, Vecna, Shan, Mystra, getting smashed with Pholtus, and one of his favorite ramblings was about sharing an extremely fine bottle of bourbon with Elechael.

Dax’s education started early. His mother began teaching him basic medicinal practices when he was 12 years old. Because of his father’s alcoholic nature, most of these practices had to due with alcohol poisoning, which then moved on to toxins in general and their effects.

Soon after Dax became an adult, his mother died of an unknown disease. After days of pain, sweat, seizures, and Dax’s best efforts to bring her out of the slog, her body finally gave out. After this moment, he vowed to become an expert in the field of medicine, and devoted the majority of the day to his studies. His father, already an alcoholic, fell into depression after his wife’s death and tried to drink his sorrows away. In a rather ironic manner, he did manage this by drinking himself to death one night. Dax found his father dead on his back a few weeks after his mother’s death, apparently having been drowned by his own vomit. After his mother’s seven years of basic medicine, and the tragedy of his family, Dax decided to apply to the most prestigious school in Kelden; the Velot Protectorate Academy. Specifically, the School of Sidereal Medicine.

Dax’s first two years of study at this school were with Omward Irtanu, a Human Paladin who gave up his longsword in favor of the scalpel. Thanks to his mother’s tutoring and his additional mental capacity gained from his symbiote, Dax quickly learned the basics of surgical practices from Irtanu and was graduated to the next level of study a full three years before his peers.

His next five years were spent with Morisia Dor, a gentle and devout Cleric who used her healing powers in combination with her surgical techniques to birth the Clerical School of Healing. This surgical philosophy opened up massive healing potential for those few talented enough to excel at Dor’s tough course material. The first two of years focused on Clerical studies and learning basic magic. The next three focused on how you can mix magic and surgery to help bring people back from the brink of death.

Dax’s third and final teacher was a Tabaxi Healer, Auxlan Sastra, a graduate of Morisia Dor. Sastra spent many hours devoted to studying and designing new techniques based on Dor’s teaching philosophy. Dax’s final five years of study was spent learning how to use his abilities to the best of his power. Graduates of Sastra were profoundly schooled in the ways of doctoring, empathy, vulnerability, and have pledged their lives to protect life.

Any and all physicians of the Velot Protectorate could have stopped their study at the end of any of the three phases, but only the most gifted and dedicated graduated from Sastra’s Healing course. Of the dozens upon dozens of beginning students in the Velot Protectorate, half stopped after their first five years and half of Irtanu’s graduates failed Dor’s first test, and as such were dropped. Of the remaining thirty or so students who graduated from Dor, only an average of ten continued on to study with Sastra.

After Dax graduated from Sastra and gained status as a Healer, he traveled across Kelden for many years looking to help where he could. He started traveling west into Osmere having been fascinated with Tabaxi culture from many lunches spent with his teacher, Sastra. Here, he spent about three years going from town to city and back again helping those in need. Dax then attempted to go north, but found that traveling near the war-torn Malishen border proved to be too difficult, and instead continued more north into Sn. However, despite Dax’s best efforts, the terrain proved to be too difficult to traverse, and as such, began going back south to the Eastern Mothlands, and arrived nearly a year after he left Osmere. Dax spent a little over five years in the Eastern Mothlands and spent whatever time he wasn’t healing studying the Aarakocra, their beliefs, and some rudimentary monastic traditions. On his 42nd birthday in the Eastern Mothlands, the Graz Monast, the country’s figurehead, gifted him the Resonating Shaft of the Surgeon as a combination of a birthday present, a farewell gift, and payment for his services to the Eastern Mothlands.

Once his time in the Eastern Mothlands was up, Dax then began travelling back east into the Heartlands and spent a year with Sastra as a student teacher helping to provide insight into not only healing, but also discussing the culture and manners of those that her students would be healing. This proved to be a good supplement to the students’ education, and Dax was almost jealous that they didn’t need to travel as he had to gain the knowledge he bestowed upon them.

After his year of assistant teaching, Dax grew tired of not being in the field healing, and much to the dismay of his now good friend Sastra, left Nuat Turath and wandered south into the Holy Chain of Deliphen. There he spent a harrowing year and a half, and instead of practicing medicine, was given an escort that prevented him from using magic. He spent the majority of his time fighting to get a license to use magic. After he received this certification, he spent the remaining half-year practicing his school of medicine. After countless incidences of being arrested for using magic, jailed, and guards questioning the validity of his certificate for hours, days, and one time even weeks, Dax left The Holy Chain in anger into the more “open-minded” Styge Empire to the east.

Dax spent a long seven years in the Styge Empire healing the populace and studying their undead public workers. He discussed ethics, tactics, and magical practice with almost every magic user he could find in order to learn more about how they used their undead ex-criminal servants. Despite being slightly repulsed by using cadavers as slaves, Dax was still more than interested in how they went about this.

After these seven years spent in the Styge Empire, Dax again returned to Nuat Turath, excited to see his home city and see what had become of the Velot Protectorate Academy. Instead, Dax was heartbroken upon learning that his friend, teacher, and pen-pal Auxlan Sastra had died of old age in her sleep only days before his arrival. Dax then took up the mantle of teacher for three years before he grew maddened at being tied down to one city filled to the brim with past tragedies. On the final day of his third year teaching, Dax left Nuat Turath to once again wander Kelden.

This time, Dax traveled northeast to Asiskraatsa to compare and contrast monastic Dragonborn versus monastic Aarakocra. Here, he spent six years practicing medicine, and in his downtime, learning basic herbalism and eventually, nearing the end of his stay, becoming familiar with the finer points of this practice. He left Asiskraatsa with a knowledge of herbalism that would only grow as he traveled.

Traveling south to Boslik, Dax traveled and learned at the same time. Because of his voracious appetite for learning, Dax spent three years; too much of which was focused studying the Gnomes and their little machines. After becoming ill because of stress and lack of sleep, Dax decided it was in his best interest that he left and went south to Balmanty. Here, he again went from place to place healing and protecting the innocents, and even made a stop into the capital, Choswin, for a forbidden romantic evening with the queen, Bryony Brightbellows. After a good evening with Dax, Bryony sadly watched the dreamy Kalashtar depart. Dax then started on the road to Cavanry. Here, he faced a trio of bandits that attempted to mug him. Instead, he shortly dispatched them, healed their wounds, and was invited to share a drink on them. After this strange altercation, Dax joined the Boar’s Head Heroing Company for protection and comradery during his journey.

Because of his travels and tragedies, the name “Dax” has been left in the minds of thousands of farmers, guards, nobility, and other physicians, and there are few doctors or clerics that have not heard mention of him at least once. Wherever he travels, the mortality rate notably decreases.

Leorin Dax

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