Ilko Skievüld

A Dragonborn Paladin, co-founder of the Boar's Head Adventuring Company


Standing at 6’8" and weighing 250 pounds, this muscular, tropical green dragonborn cuts an imposing figure even without his shining plate armor. His head, unlike many dragonborn, sports no horns or significantly raised scales, allowing him to comfortably wear a helmet with a facial plate. This intimidating appearance, however, is softened by a warm, gentle smile and a good-natured gleam in his amber eyes.


Adopted as an egg by a moon elf named Altiras Skievüld, Ilko spent much of his childhood on Altiras’s ship, the Garibaldi. There he served as a cabin boy until age twelve, whence he joined the rest of the Garibaldi ’s crew as a conventional sailor. While Altiras captained and piloted the ship, Ilko was often the first to strike up a shanty to get the crew going in the morning. The frequency of pirates on the Trackless Sea necessitated his initial training in swordplay, but he received no formal training in the arcane. That is, until his eighteenth hatch-day came round.

Sehanine Moonbow, the daughter of chief elven deity Corellon Lathellan, came to Ilko in a dream. This wasn’t so unusual: dreams were one of her primary methods of speaking to mortals. However, she did more than speak to Ilko: she granted him the gift of Wild Sorcery. Profoundly affected by such a powerful free gift, Ilko resolved to become her paladin and win her hand. He took the ancient oath of the Green Knights, an oath to kindle and shelter all that which is good in the world as best he can. With Sehanine’s guidance, he learned enough about her holy magics to fulfill his ambition. At twenty, he left behind the sailor’s life, and consequently his adoptive father, to journey abroad. Arriving in Kelden, he met Legand and started up an adventuring guild in Balmanty.

Ilko Skievüld

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