Velot Spire

Dax's Tome of Great Secrets
A.K.A. My Personal Journal. Stay the Fuck Out Please.

~Entry 1

Got mugged today. Invited them out for drinks after. Nice folks. Also I met a dragonborn today. Ilko something. Nice guy. I have a good feeling about him and his friends, so I figured I should chronicle this in case I get famous.

~Entry 2

Fuck that mayor guy. Gonna blow up his house later

~Entry 3

House is gone.

~Entry 4

Friends are wading through a crowd of tieflings. Some racial discrimination or some shit. I'm guarding the cart though. I have a bad feeling about this.

~Entry 4.5

oh god there's fucking zombies everywhere

~Entry 4.75

fuck it's night time at 2:30 in the afternoon

~Entry 4.875

Skin monsters attacked camp. Thoroughly spooked

~Entry 5

Been a while. Good things today. Saved two ogres' lives, got lots of good booze, and Kraven decapitated a giant fucking ant with a single cleave.

-entry 5.5

fuck this booze is good

~Entry 6

Met a weird person in town today. Mulberry or something. Still a little drunk. He wants us to do things for him. 

~Entry 6.5

Got drunk, gambled with Mulberry. I won. He gave me a shiny coin.

~Entry 6.75

fuck this coin is weird

~Entry 7

Kraven has a bounty on his head. He's starting to piss us all off.

~Entry 8

Woah boy. Things with Kraven came to a tipping point. We fought him. He almost killed me, but after I filled every container on him with food and water, we quickly overpowered him. Turning in his head for gold. Keeping half, donating half to charity. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Welcome to the Adventure Log!
Please put things here

Hey guys, it's Ansel – this is basically a blog, of sorts, for the campaign! All of you can make entries here, so please do so as often as you care to! This is not only a way for all of us to keep track of what's happening in the game (Especially me because I suck at taking notes), but also a way to flesh out your character – let us read how what Ilko thought of that whole debacle with the Lord Mayor, or how Dax felt about the Elvenking's stronghold, or what any of you think happened to the Pilgrims (spoiler: I keep forgetting to use them!).

In short, PLEASE make entries here, and PLEASE make the entries in-character as much as possible! And don't worry if it shows me editing them – I'll mostly just be correcting spellings place names and other grammar/spelling stuff.  If there's something bigger I wanna change, I'll ask you about it!

I'll also make entries here and there, mostly from the perspective of NPCs and such. Read up for cool lore and also crappy lore!


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